What if…  your Ideal Future is Now?

Bear with me. Take a few minutes to read this. Play the game a moment.  There are only 10 questions.

Think about your professional life.  Imagine that someone you trust and respect professionally has offered to coach you.

  1. What would you say would be your best hopes, your ideal outcome, from their coaching you?


Close your eyes for a moment, then open them and you see that you have achieved this. 

       2. What does it look like? What is different? How do you feel?


This is your New Year’s Resolution 2020.

       3. If that ideal outcome is a 10/10, where are you now on a scale of 1 to 10?


       4. Have you ever been higher than that? Have you ever (almost) reached a 10?


Think about the days when you were closer to your goal.

         5. On those days, what made the difference between 3 and 4, or 7 and 8? What were you doing differently? 


Be positive and realistic.

          6. Is a 10 possible? What would you be satisfied with?


          7. How confident on a scale of 1 to 10 are you that you can reach your ideal outcome this year?


          8. How much effort are you willing to put in to reach this outcome (1 to 10)?


Think of someone you trust and who trusts you.

           9. Where would they put you on that scale of 1 to 10?


What now?

            10. How will you know when you make progress towards reaching your ideal outcome? How will you feel? Who will                           you  share that feeling with?


You can complete these questions as a Google Form – anonymously just for yourself, or also to connect with others to share your goals and to coach each other towards these goals.

Complete the form online here.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below – I would especially value any feedback on the coaching model I have put together here. I am in the process of writing up this model to explain it more fully, but essentially it is very simple. It is based on solution-focused brief coaching, and I aim to make it applicable to working with children and adults in education (and in other fields as well).