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What if….?

What if…  your Ideal Future is Now? Bear with me. Take a few minutes to read this. Play the game a moment.  There are only 10 questions. Think about your professional life.  Imagine that someone you trust and respect professionally… Continue Reading →

Rory! Sei tornato!

“Rory! You’re back!” Venice in the winter, with a broken leg, and I spent my time just hanging out with a few guys in their social club. They accepted me into their friendship group – which comprised a boatbuilder, a… Continue Reading →

Saving the turf.

John & Rose Gallagher c.1916 My grandfather was born two centuries ago. He grew up in a rural community decimated by the potato famine – the population of Sligo county had halved between 1845 and 1895 through death and emigration… Continue Reading →

The Big Four

In French lessons we often talk about the “Big Four” – the four verbs that students really need to know. Without a grasp of ‘avoir, être, faire and aller’ they are a bit stuck really… And yet, still in years… Continue Reading →

Class of 2015 – keynote speech at graduation of Dorset trainee teachers.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!   You have achieved something remarkable this year – you are now fully qualified teachers. You have secured a postgraduate degree with a significant part of the training hands-on in the workplace. You now have a… Continue Reading →

Listening to students, listening to the silence.

Cambridge Student Voice Seminar at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University. June 22/23rd. What an inspirational couple of days in the company of some of the leading international thinkers, writers and actors in the field of student voice. It was… Continue Reading →

From INSET to OUTCOME (part 2) – on how to move to a more collaborative model of development.

In Part 1 of this post I looked at professional development for teachers, why it is so important, and how we may not be looking hard enough at whether it has an impact on student learning. Part 2 will look… Continue Reading →

From INSET to OUTCOME (part 1) – on the importance of improving teaching quality.

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better.” (Dylan Wiliam) The quality of teaching is one of the most important factors in improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of… Continue Reading →

A new plan for CPD?

My post today is to do with how we as teachers can develop ourselves and those around us, and is based on some of the research I have been doing on student feedback, teacher narrative, and collaborative inquiry. I believe,… Continue Reading →

Spaced learning – too good to be true?

Human beings are very good at learning new things. Our brains take in and process an enormous amount of information every second, and we  hold within our heads terabytes of information at any one point in time. The problem is… Continue Reading →

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